Total Senior Relocation Services

We Can Help You Transition Smoothly from One Lifestyle and Home to Another.

slide1Are you a senior couple suddenly faced with the need to move when you weren’t otherwise ready to? Perhaps you’re no longer able to handle everyday chores on your own. You have difficulty driving. Or you need help taking care of your spouse.If so, you’re far from alone, as countless scenarios like these are being played out daily throughout Chicagoland.

At The Finishing Touch we will put you in contact with our Transition Specialists who will work through the process with you and your family. They will explore your financial situation, your physical and emotional needs, your personal likes and dislikes and determine a location and community that will work perfectly for you.

Maybe it all seems a little confusing – perhaps even overwhelming – now, but it doesn’t have to be. Why not contact us by phone or email today and allow us to more fully explain how we can help.

Finishing Touch Homes. We’re all about creating smooth transitions for seniors.